Yesterday we went to a monkey sanctuary, which was just amazing. A small black monkey (I forget his name), blew kisses at me and squeaked when we talked away as he didn't want us to leave. Then we made friends with a Chimp called Ronnie, who used sign language to tell us to take off our hats and glasses, I was gobsmacked, he was such a clever animal. He then used sign language to tell us to take our tops off, which we obviously objected to, as I didn't really fancy getting topless for a chimpanzee... We ended the day by visiting by beautiful Henrhyd Falls, just up the road from Ystradgynlais in South Wales. If you ever come to Wales, a trip here is definitely worth it, as it's just so beautiful and you can even walk behind the waterfall. Picture of it below: 
(my crappy instagram photo doesn't do it justice!)


  1. getting your top off for a chimp... ha, that would be absolutely hilarious :) the fountain looks so soothing. hope you'll take larger photos on your next adventures, gareth :)

    1. My next adventure I will definitely be taking my camera and taking some proper photos for sure!